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September 29
Hugh of Avalon enthroned as Bishop of Lincoln, 1186
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Rural Settlement is the theme for a stimulating day conference at Bishop Grosseteste University LIncoln on Saturday 17 September

Lincoln's industrial contribution to World War I: Conference in LIncoln on Saturday 12 November

This recently formed group is engaged in recording and understanding Lincolnshire's vernacular buildings

Discover the industrial history of Lincolnshire: mills and maltings; drains and docks; farms and factories.

Learn about Lincolnshire's rich and varied archaeology, especially in the Roman, Viking and Anglo-Saxon periods.

Find out about the places, people and events in Lincolnshire's colourful past, and how to uncover the story of your own village.

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 September 2016: Lincolnshire Moffrey
September 2016: Lincolnshire Moffrey

The capacity of the moffrey (or hermaphrodite) could be increased at harvest time by the addition of a fore-carriage (as shown here) to a simple 2-wheeled cart. This design was found only in Lincolnshire and some adjoining counties.