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Your 20 favourite buildings in Lincolnshire?
Let us know which man-made structures - of stone, brick, wood or iron - in the county are the ones which interest and excite you most

Here is something to stimulate your brain and get you browsing your collection of Lincolnshire books during lockdown or self-isolation. Partly inspired by Daniel Codd’s recent book ‘Lincoln in 50 buildings’, you’re invited to list your 20 favourite buildings in Lincolnshire.

No strict rules for inclusion; they could be houses, halls, bridges, churches, chapels, castles, towers, mills, manor houses, dovecotes, mausoleums, follies, monuments and statues, public and industrial buildings, a terrace or homogeneous group of buildings. They don’t have to be of any great architectural or historic merit, just man-made built environment that you consider your favourites.

Hopefully, with enough responses for a robust sample size, the nominations will be collated in to an SLHA ‘20 Favourite Buildings in Lincolnshire’.

Please send your list by post to SLHA, Jews’ Court, Steep Hill, Lincoln LN2 1LS or simply in an email to by 31 July 2020. Don’t forget to add your name and the date.

You don’t have to be a member of SLHA to participate. We would be pleased to hear from anyone with an interest in Lincolnshire and its buildings.