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Knights, Kings and Queens
Family event at Kirton LIndsey

The Jubilee Town Hall at Kirton hosted a successful and very well attended half term event for families on 12 February. The session was organised by Kathy Holland on behalf of the SLHA in conjunction with the Kirton in Lindsey Society.

Visitors had the opportunity to participate in a range of craft activities inspired by the theme of Knights, Kings and Queens. Crafts included creating a royal crown, and using craft materials to design and make a shield displaying heraldic designs. This activity included discussions on heraldry and investigating images of designs from the period.

Also on offer was the chance to create some sparkly jewellery inspired by medieval designs. The ever popular clay activity was crafting a Knight’s head inspired by a carving to be found in Lincoln Cathedral.

As may be expected, this activity provoked discussion about other carvings of the period and how they can help us find out about the appearance of people in medieval times.

Visitors could also study a selection of replica everyday artefacts from the period, some belonging to the Society and others kindly lent by The Collection in Lincoln.

Both adults and children were very appreciative and the event presented both the SLHA and the Kirton in Lindsey Society the opportunity engage with families and help promote interest in our history and heritage. We had lots of requests for more events and activities of this kind.

This event used resources provided by the ‘Past and Present’ Project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Knight's head made at the event

February 2018

Museum of Clocks and Watches
Visit to BHI at Upton (Notts)

A large group of IA members visited the headquarters and museum of the British Horological Institute in Upton Hall near Southwell on 7 February.

Two excellent BHI guides gave an introduction to the huge collection of clocks and watches on display in the Hall. There are examples of rare, early long case clocks, some in magnificent decorated cases, and fine regulators, which keep time with remarkable accuracy.

The fascinating twentieth century development of the ‘speaking clock’ is followed in the Museum’s unique collection. The museum also has a vast range of watches which illustrate important innovations over the years. Of particular interest is the watch used by Captain Scott on his famous, ill-fated Antarctic expedition.


Photographs: Upton Hall, BHI Headquarters and Museum (top); part of the BHI Museum display in the Hall (below)

February 2018