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Marjorie Whaler (1928-2019)
A much valued SLHA member

Marjorie Whaler, who died recently, grew up in Cleethorpes and after marriage and moving around the country, she and her husband Bernard returned to their native county. In particular, Marjorie was pleased to dwell near Lincoln and be in a position to build on her interest in archaeology.

She did not get involved in much active archaeology but found several organisations in which she could foster her interest. SLHA became an important one of them.

Marjorie became involved with the library at SLHA and, with the aid of a lottery grant, she fully indexed the collection and kept it up to date for many years. She also produced a card index of articles published in the Society's magazines (before the days of digitisation).

Answering a multitude of queries about LIncolnshire's history and archaeology - often involving considerable research - was another invaluable contribution that she made over several years in the 'backroom' at SLHA. She was also one of the reguar volunteers delivering the quarterly mailing to members in her local area to the east of Lincoln.

Marjorie was one of those most valuable workers behind the scenes so vital to the wellbeing of the Society.

April 2019