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Holbeach Hurn
Holbeach Hurn, St Luke
Holbeach Hurn, St Luke
Holbeach Hurn, St Luke

"The foundation stone of St Luke’s Church was laid on 8th August 1869 by Sarah Rebecca, wife of Joseph Hurton Parker of Hurn Hall.

The Church was consecrated on 23rd November 1869, the Chancel and Burial Ground were consecrated on 1st March 1871.

It was built on land gifted by The Revered A Brooks and cost £697, this was collected by Landowners and residents in the area, a population then of 526

The building was designed by Mr Evan Christian a London architect"

Peter Kirk Collection, 3 April 1999

Holbeach Hurn, Saint Luke, Church, Joseph Hurton Parker, Revered A Brooks, Evan Christian