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Holdingham, Lock
Holdingham, Lock
Holdingham, Lock

This lock was built when the New River Slea was made navigable in 1794, linking Sleaford to the Witham at Chapel Hill.

Holdingham Lock is built of brick with iron reinforcing bands and stone cappings.

A channel of the river drives Holdingham Mill, seen to the left.

October 2011

Holdingham, lock, Sleaford canal navigation
Holdingham, Watermill Counting House
Holdingham, Watermill Counting House
Holdingham, Watermill Counting House

Holdingham Mill is on the Slea Navigation, two miles north-east of Sleaford.

It was built in the early nineteenth century by Samuel Cropper.

The mill ceased working in the mid-twentieth century.

On the west side of the navigation, clearly visible from the public footpath, is this minute hexagonal building.

It may have served as an office or counting house for the mill.

Mark Acton, 2008

Holdingham, watermill, counting house, Sleaford, Navigation,