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South Cockerington
Cockerington Hall
Cockerington Hall
Cockerington Hall

This large house of nine bays built in the early Georgian period was demolished in 1926.

The Scrope family acquired most of the land in South Cockerington in the sixteenth century from the Vavasours and it was Gervase Scrope, High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, who built this house.

This became the secondary property of the Scropes of Danby, North Yorkshire, and was neglected for the second half of the nineteenth century.

More details about this house and its owners can be found in T R Leach and R Pacey's book, 'Lost Lincolnshire Country Houses: Volume 1', published by SLHA.  Buy a copy.

South Cockerington, Scrope, Vavasour, Gervase Scrope