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Hagworthingham, Holy Trinity
Hagworthingham, Holy Trinity
Hagworthingham, Holy Trinity

Off the A158 Lincoln to Skegness road, the small church of Holy Trinity, Hagworthingham, is a greenstone building  of medieval origins  drastically restored by James Fowler of Louth in 1859.

The tower fell down in 1975.

Mark Acton, 2014

Hagworthingham, James Fowler, tower fell down
Hagworthingham, Roman gem mount
Hagworthingham, Roman gem mount
Hagworthingham, Roman gem mount

This striking gold mount is set with a green glass setting and decorated with strips of beaded gold wire.

Damage to one end shows that it is hollow, and the damaged area probably represents the place where a suspension loop once was, making the mount a pendant.

Further glass or precious stones would have been set into the smaller circular mounts around the edges.

This fine item of jewellery is currently unparalleled in Britain, though it has been cautiously dated on stylistic grounds to the later Roman period.

Courtesy of Lincolnshire County Council, The Collection

Hagworthingham, gem set mount, gold, green glass, jewellery