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Sleaford Historian
Downloads : Aspects of Lincolnshire's Heritage
Sleaford Historian

The Sleaford Historian is a monthly news and information sheet published by the Sleaford Group of SLHA. It also includes short articles and book reviews, especially those relating to the south-west area of Lincolnshire.

1994 (Nos. 1 - 4: September - December)
No.1 Ruskington Bronze Age beakers;
No.2 Grantham War Memorial; Iron Age site at West Deeping;
No.3 Bronze Age torc from Sudbrook by Ancaster; OS maps; St Hugh of Avalon;
No.4 Sheila Sanchez obituary; pub names in Sleaford area

1995 (Nos. 5 - 9: January - May)

No.5 One hundred Years of Parish Councils;

No.6 Ye Olde Pelican, Dembleby; The Ropsley Foxe (Bishop Richard Foxe);

No.7 Grimsthorpe Castle; Sleaford Museum;

No.8 VE-Day in Sleaford; The Lincoln Longwool Sheep;

No.9 Children of Auserity; Lincoln Red Cattle

1995 (Nos. 10 - 14: June - November)

No.10 Ruskington a Village at War; The Lincolnshire Curly Coat Pig;

No.11 William H. Hosford; Building of Heckington Church; Shire Horses; Doddington Hall; Heckington Show;

No.12 Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 1 Delays are Possible (Roadworks);

No.13 Sleaford Museum; Book Review "Lincolnshire People" by John Ketteringham; Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 2 The Turnpike Era;

No.14 In Remembrance the Boy who played with Hand Grenades (Lode Notradame); Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 3 trust in God, and Sally Forth


1996 (Nos. 15 - 20: January - June) 
No.15 Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 4 Gain the Timely Inn; Lincolnshire's Eleanor Crosses Part 1;
No.16 Lincolnshire's Eleanor Crosses Part 2;
No.17 End of an Era - The Old School at Aunsby; Lincolnshire's Eleanor Crosses Part 3;
No.18 Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 5 A Gentlemen's Agreement; Lincolnshire's Eleanor Crosses Part 4; The English Civil War Society;

No.19 Bishop Edward King Comes to Swaby; Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 6 Highway Act 1835; John Leland's Postcard from Sleaford;
No.20 Sleaford Bits 

1996 (Nos. 21 - 25: July - December)
No.21 I Don't Like Cricket - I Love It!; Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 7 Halfway House; Hi-de-hi..! Butlin's Holiday Camp Skegness; Tales of the Landed Gentry (Seawell family);

No.22 Heritage Weekend;
No.23 Village Charities Part 1; The church of Saint Andrew at Kelby; Metheringham Feast;
No.24 Village Charities Part 2; The Battle of Bull Run;
No.25 Christmas Quiz; Village Charities Part 3

1997 (Nos. 26 - 31: January - June)
No.26 The Churchyard Abounds With Images; Reading Between the Lines; Christmas Quiz Answers;
No.27 Timberland Pumping S;tation and Tales of the Riverbank; Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 8 Legend of Byard's Leap;
No.28 Bad Old Day in Sleaford - Report to General Board of Health HMSO 1850; The Methodist Minister, the Witch, the Fox and the Cubs;
No.29 Scopwick Day;
No.30 Time-Travelling the Newark Road Part 9 - Per Ardua ad Astram;
No.31 Saint Denys' Church Sleaford

1997 (Nos. 32 - 36: July - December)
No.32 Hoplands Dig; The First Master of Carre's
No.33 More on Saint Andrew's Church Kelby; Land of our Fathers? Anglo-Saxon settlers; Why do the British Drive on the Left?
No.34 Heraldry in Saint Denys' Church, Sleaford;
No.35 Obituary Simon Sturman; Mary Nesbitt;
No.36 The Sleaford - Manchester Connection;  "We will remember them"; Christmas Quiz

1998  (Nos. 37 - 42: January - June)
No.37 The Head in Saint Denys' at Sleaford; Australian Voyage (George Bass); This Month This Century - January 1953 two Lincs air crashes & floods claim 41 lives; "We will remember them"; Christmas Quiz Answers;
No.38 "From the Going-down of the Sun"; Answerable and unanswerable queries - history of Sleaford;
No.39 Village Field Names; More snippets from Saint Denys';
No.40 Henry Callow his will of 13 June 1657; "We will remember them";
No.41 Three Faculties in Sleaford Church Archives; "We will remember them"; More than a milkman (Samuel John Hall and Sardeson family of Howell);
No.42 A "Lost" old master from Sleaford Parish Church (painting by Annibal Carracci); 

1998 (Nos. 43 - 47: July - December)
No.43 The "Bristol" Connection (Isabella Carre & John Hervey, Earl of Bristol); "We will remember them";
No.44 Cogglesford Mill; Various receipts in "Sleaford Charities 1" in Saint Denys' Church Archives"We will remember them";
No.45 A glimpse into the interior of Saint Denys' in the early 15th century; cinema site for sale;
No.46 "We will remember them"; Afternoon at the workhouse;
No.47 Christmas Quiz; Sleaford 200 years ago; The "Quisquis eris" plate in Saint Denys' Church, Sleaford

1999 (Nos. 48 - 52: January - May)
No.48 A piece for railway buffs; Sundry snippets from the Snow notes (Norman Edward Snow); Christmas Quiz Answers;
No.49 "Iveyt" A strange monument in Saint Denys' Sleaford
No.50 Putting You In The Picture (Sleaford Cinema); Sundry snippets from the Old Minute Book of Carre's Grammar School, Sleaford; Saint Denys' Church;
No.51 Lincoln and District Date Book - 17 April 1813 obit Lieutenant Handley; Saint Denys' Church;
No. 52 Black monolith appears in Lincolnshire?; Harriet Seward or Sewards

1999 (Nos. 53- 56: June - December)
No.53 Wyverns 2 Dragons 0 (Kirk & Parry); Another mystery in Saint Deny's, Sleaford; More Kirk & Parry miscellanea; Memories of a Lincolnshire Minor;
No.54 Bass Maltings; Visits to Newton, Dembleby and Aunsby;
No.55 From the first (known) register Book of Carre's Grammar School;
No.56 The Beekeeper's Charter

2009 (January - May)
January - Some interesting dates for January; The Haxey Hood; Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 x 10 + 23 years!) (Elizabeth of York & Henry VII); Quarrington Parish - Sleaford Station;
February - Significant dates for February; Osbournby Scarlet Fever; "The lost Treasure of King John" by Richard Waters;
March - Some interesting dates for March; "Lady Day"; "Memories of South Kyme" by (the late) Sylvia C. Bones; From Kesteven Sessions Book 1682-1833; From Diocesan Court Papers;
April - Some interesting dates for April; Items from Sleaford Gazette & South Lincolnshire Advertiser;
May - Some interesting dates for May; Diary of Colnel Peter Hawker; Item from Sleaford Gazette

2009 (July - December)
July - Extract from an article by Guy Points; Memories of South Kyme by the late Sylvia C, Bones:
September - Extracts from Stamford Mercury; Lord John Hussey;
October - "Art in Architecture" in Victorian Sleaford;
December - Owen Oglethorpe an outstanding Prebendary of Lafford; Frances Brooke eighteenth century novelist

2010 (January - April)
January - Robert Alford - a Traitor?;
February - Sir Edward Carre's Monument;
March - The case of the Bishop's Thumb (John Kaye);
April - Items from Sleaford Gazette & South Lincolnshire Advertiser

2010 (June - December)
June - Sleaford Gazette 16th April 1910 Ruskington;
September - Inauguration of the Sleaford History Group 28th May 1987;  Museums Closure;
November - Book review "Sucked Down by the Whirlpool" by James Wright; Agincourt; Museums Closure;
December - Extract from "Social England under the Regency" by John Ashton; Sleaford Castle

February - Visible Sleaford History;
July - Interesting Dates;
October -  Surnames including Caswell and Essington; The Calendar

Sepember - A 75th Anniversary Celebration (A4 Steam Locomotive Mallard); A Murder in China (Sleaford man Mr John Bellamy 1848)

February - History of Haverholme Priory; Viking "Great Army" Torksey


Further Issues to follow

Monthly from 1994
Newsletter of the Sleaford Group
Click for details --- The People of Steep Hill, Lincoln, 1900
The People of Steep Hill, Lincoln, 1900
Downloads : Aspects of Lincolnshire's Heritage
The People of Steep Hill, Lincoln, 1900

This is the full text of Dennis Mills's book The People of the Steep Hill area of Lincoln about 1900, an illustrated social study first published in 2005.

It has been revised and updated for this electronic version.

Download a copy of this book (pdf file 3.5MB)

Book by Dennis Mills
Click for details --- Index to SLHA Newsletters (1974-1990)
Index to SLHA Newsletters (1974-1990)
Downloads : Aspects of Lincolnshire's Heritage
Index to SLHA Newsletters (1974-1990)

Quarterly Newsletters were published by SLHA from 1974 (the year the new society was established) until the launch of Lincolnshire Past and Present in 1990.

This index to the short articles contained in the newsletters was compiled by John Ketteringham.

Download a copy of this index (pdf file 61KB)

Compiled by John Ketteringham
Click for details --- Dissertations and Theses on Lincolnshire Research Subjects (up to 1990)
Dissertations and Theses on Lincolnshire Research Subjects (up to 1990)
Downloads : Aspects of Lincolnshire's Heritage
Dissertations and Theses on Lincolnshire Research Subjects (up to 1990)

Students of Lincolnshire's history and topography have John Ketteringham to thank for the detailed record he made in the 1990s of over 350 academic studies relating to the county.

Some are first degree dissertations; the majority were written for a master's or PhD. The period of writing covers much of the 20th century. Included are many studies relating to Tennyson and Wesley.

Download a copy of this index (pdf file 1.08MB).

A comprehensive list of articles about Lincoln Cathedral (also compiled by Dr Ketteringham) can be viewed on the website of The Friends of Lincoln Cathedral.

Compiled by John Ketteringham
Click for details --- Form for reporting Incomplete Fieldwork
Form for reporting Incomplete Fieldwork
Downloads : Aspects of Lincolnshire's Heritage
Form for reporting Incomplete Fieldwork

Members of SLHA are sometimes involved in fieldwork which, for one reason or another, does not get completed, written up and deposited in a suitable library or archive. There is concern that valuable descriptions, measurements, drawings and photographs of Lincolnshire sites and buildings may be lost.

As a first step, members – and any other individuals involved in similar work in Lincolnshire – are asked to let the society know about uncompleted fieldwork they have been involved in by filling in and returning a copy of the Fieldwork Report (one per project). If circumstances make it impossible to provide all the information required, a partially completed form or even a simple note of the project theme and location would alert the society to the existence of the material.

Completed reports which have not been deposited should also be sent to Jews’ Court. The format may be paper or digital. Sets of photographs with descriptive captions would also be acceptable.

The society intends to deposit copies of fieldwork reports in both local and national archives where long term conservation and accessibility can be guaranteed.

Download a copy of the fieldwork report (pdf file 7KB)

Click for details --- Index to Lost Country Houses (6 volumes) and Lincolnshire Houses and their Families (2 parts)
Index to Lost Country Houses (6 volumes) and Lincolnshire Houses and their Families (2 parts)
Downloads : Aspects of Lincolnshire's Heritage
Index to Lost Country Houses (6 volumes) and Lincolnshire Houses and their Families (2 parts)

Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Lost Lincolnshire Country Houses were written jointly by Terence Leach and Robert Pacey between 1990 and 1992. Following the death of Terence Leach in 1994, Volumes 5 and 6 (which completed the publishing project) were written alone by Robert Pacey.

Terence was unable to complete a parallel account of Lincolnshire Houses and their Families, but two substantial volumes in this series have been published.

These books give an exceptionally detailed and useful record of Lincolnshire houses and the families who lived in them. They are illustrated by many photographs and plans.

All eight books are available from SLHA, Jews’ Court, 2/3 Steep Hill, Lincoln, LN2 1LS.

This comprehensive index, compiled by Elaine Thurgood, includes references to all the family names and to over 140 Lincolnshire houses. There is also a handy location map.

Download a copy of this index (pdf file 620KB).

Compiled by Elaine Thurgood