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January 2024
Behind the Facade
Presented by Martin Smith
A look at the architecture of the former town of Folkingham and how what you see on the outside is not always the full story. 
Admission £4.00 SLHA Members £3.00 Pay on the door or book through Eventbrite

Wednesday 10 January, 2024
St Hugh's Hall, Monks Road, Lincoln LN2 5AQ
Sunday Special
1. Uncovering the Story of early Gainsborough Leigh Brocklehurst
2. Highlights of the Lincoln Local List Richard Croft
3. Boston’s Overlooked Treasure- Construction of the Corporation Building Neil Wright
Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00. Pay on the door. 

Sunday 21 January, 2024
The Old School, Nettleham LN2 2PE
Tour of the Lincolnshire County Council Museum Store *** SOLD OUT ***
*** SOLD OUT ***
Led by Dawn Heywood (Senior Collections Development Officer) and Rebecca Craven (Collections Development Officer). See behind the scenes where much of the County's archaeology collection is stored, find out how the archaeology gets from the field to the museum and discover other fascinating museum collections in store.


Monday 22 January, 2024
Lincolnshire Archives 2, St Rumbold's St, Lincoln LN2 5AB
Download booking form: 2023MuseumStore.pdf
Halls Barton Ropery at Barton-on-Humber
Talk by Zoom 
This intriguing building known as Halls Barton Ropery, dates back to 1801 although Ropemaking started on the site in 1767. This talk will explore the history of the Ropery from land purchase in 1801 to the present day, including its evolution into a popular Arts Venue known as The Ropewalk. 
Presented by Liz Bennet CEO of The Ropewalk 
Admission by donation

Wednesday 24 January, 2024
Craft: Victorian Valentines
Presented by Kathy Holland

A papercraft workshop inspired by the Victorian period. Discover how Valentines Day was celebrated in the 19th century. Using imagery and examples from the Victorian period as inspiration, and using a variety of resources, enjoy creating greeting cards, a decoupaged decorative item and your own unique ornamental paper container for a small gift.

Admission £8.50 SLHA Members £7.50 includes, equipment, materials, tea & coffee.

Please note: the room where this event will take place is on the 1st floor accessible only by stairs.
Wednesday 31 January, 2024
10.00am - 1.00pm
Jews' Court, 2-3 Steep Hill, Lincoln LN2 1LS


February 2024
Treasures of the Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record
Talk by Zoom
Presented by Richard Watts, Senior Historic Environment Officer, Lincolnshire County Council
Admission by donation
Wednesday 07 February, 2024
Discover the important role of the Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record (HER) and the wealth of valuable information that it contains.
This talk will explain the background to the HER and explore how to access this valuable range of resources including some examples of the ‘treasures’ of information and range of images which it contains.
From Elsham with Love:
The story of the new pipeline to transport water from North Lincolnshire to Colchester

Presented by Katie Atkin, Stakeholder and Customer Executive for Anglian Water’s new Strategic Pipeline & Craig Snow, Project Installation and Assembly Manager for the Elsham to Lincoln section of the new pipeline.

Admission £4.00 SLHA Members £3.00

Pay on the door or book through Eventbrite
Thursday 15 February, 2024
St Hugh's Hall, Monks Road, Lincoln LN2 5AQ
Tour of the Usher Gallery and Art Store for SLHA Members *** SOLD OUT ***
*** SOLD OUT ***
Meet at the Usher Gallery, Lindum Rd, Lincoln LN2 1NN
Led by Dawn Heywood (Senior Collections Development Officer) and colleagues.
Admission £9.00 each including coffee and biscuits. Pre-booking essential
Thursday 29 February, 2024
Enjoy a guided visit around some of the highlights in the Usher gallery, see behind the scenes where the Art Collection is stored and discover some fascinating stories about the unique items which are in the care of the Usher Gallery. 


March 2024
St John the Baptist Church Burringham, Lincolnshire
Talk by Zoom 

Presented by Ken Redmore
Admission by donation
Wednesday 06 March, 2024

An introduction to a remarkable Lincolnshire church built by S S Teulon in the Gothic Revival polychrome style The Church is described on the Churches Conservation Trust website as… ‘An extraordinary composition inside and out’

S. Teulon, a London-based architect with a national reputation, built this small church on the edge of a quiet village by the Trent in the 1850s. Using local bricks, this is a good example of polychrome work, a feature of Gothic Revival architecture of the period. Teulon was dubbed a ‘rogue architect’, one who often broke away from the accepted ecclesiastical design standards of the day, and some of the details of the church at Burringham are remarkable.

Celtic Inspired Craft *** SOLD OUT ***
*** SOLD OUT ***
Presented by Kathy Holland
A papercraft workshop inspired by the beautiful patterns and imaginative creatures associated with Celtic Art. Investigate images of artefacts with Celtic designs including a selection from Lincolnshire. Use a variety of resources and techniques, including foil embossing and creative colouring to produce cards, decorate a trinket box and make decorative items.
Admission £8.50 SLHA Members £7.50 includes, equipment, materials, tea & coffee.
Please note: the room where this event will take place is on the 1st floor accessible only by stairs.
Wednesday 06 March, 2024
10.00am - 1.00pm
Jews' Court, 2-3 Steep Hill, Lincoln LN2 1LS
Visit to the North Lincolnshire Museum for SLHA Members
This visit will include presentations on important North Lincolnshire themes, and allow an exploration of the impressive North Lincolnshire Museum.
Please bring your own lunch or alternatively there is a Wetherspoons a few minutes’ walk from the Museum. Limited car parking at the Museum or in nearby Church grounds.
Admission £9.00 includes tea, coffee, and cake.
Thursday 14 March, 2024
10.15 - 2.30pm
North Lincolnshire Museum, Oswald Rd, Scunthorpe DN15 7BD

The talks will include:

The Portable Antiquities Scheme in North Lincolnshire and Beyond, presented by Martin Foreman, Finds Liaison Officer, Northern Lincolnshire

The Hidden Valley, finding the Anglo Saxons in Winterton Vale, North Lincolnshire, presented by Kevin Leahy, National Advisor for Early Medieval Finds for the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme

An Introduction to North Lincolnshire Museum, its History and Display by Rose Nicholson, Heritage Manager, North Lincolnshire Museum.

Sunday Special
1. Ruston Bucyrus Derek Broughton
2. Early Results from Excavations in Cammeringham Lisa Brundle
3. Samuel Forster of Grantham – A Distinguished Attorney – John Manterfield
Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00 – Pay on the door

Sunday 17 March, 2024
The Old School, Nettleham LN2 2PE
The Archaeology of the SPA Water Pipeline
Presented by Helen Noakes
This talk will cover the various archaeological responses to the SPA (Strategic Pipeline Alliance) water pipeline which runs north to south across the whole length of the county. 
Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00.
Pay on the door or through Eventbrite
Wednesday 20 March, 2024
St Hugh's Hall, Monks Road, Lincoln LN2 5AQ


April 2024
Purgatory: Heaven's waiting room or the antechamber of Hell?
Presented by Brian Hodgkinson

Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00. Pay on the door.
Wednesday 17 April, 2024
St Hugh's Hall, Monks Road, Lincoln LN2 5AQ

According to Medieval Church doctrine, Purgatory was believed by Christians to be an intermediate state between Heaven and Hell, where souls were painfully cleansed of unconfessed sins and uncompleted penance prior to the Day of Judgement.

To reduce this suffering, the performance of masses, along with acts of penance, pilgrimage, almsgiving and other ‘good works’ performed by the living, were thought to minimise the torments in the afterlife.

In addition, relief in the form of indulgences became standard practice, especially in the later Medieval period, culminating in their abolition in England as part of the Reformation process.

These features will be discussed, along with highlighting the Scala Celi (Ladder to Heaven) indulgence centred on Boston

Golden Jubilee Conference, 2024
We look forward to welcoming you to a full day conference to celebrate 50 years of the SLHA.*
This conference will explore some of the exciting changes and developments that have taken place in the Society’s wide-ranging work over the last 50 years. All parts of the Society will be contributing to the event.
In addition to a selection of talks, the Conference will host a Society bookstall selling new and second-hand books and maps.
There is ample car-parking on site
Admission £32.00 SLHA members £25.00 

*Although the foundations of the Society were established in 1844, the present Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology (SLHA) was established in 1974.
Saturday 20 April, 2024
9.30am - 4.30pm
Bishop Grosseteste University, Longdales Road, Lincoln LN1 3DY
Download booking form: 2024-Golden-Jubilee-Conf-Flyer.pdf
The Programme
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Reflections and Looking to the Future 
An overview of the fascinating and intriguing history of the foundation of the Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology, the last 50 years, the current role and activities of the organisation and aspirations for the future. Presented by Andrew Walker, Chair of the Society
Local history in Lincolnshire from the Humber to the Wash:
50 years of activities, successes and challenges, and future agenda-setting
Members of the Local History team will reflect upon its activities since 1974 ranging from its campaigning, including the county museum development and the work of the churches group, to gauging the influence of some of its key members such as Flora Murray and Terrence Leach. The team will conclude with a consideration of a possible local history agenda for the future in Greater Lincolnshire.  
Presented by Mark Acton, Jean Howard and John Manterfield.
Industrial Archaeology, Past, Present and Future
An exciting journey exploring the last 50 years of the activities of the Industrial Archaeology Team with reflections on events and contributions that the Society has made to increasing our understanding
and knowledge of industrial archaeology throughout Lincolnshire. 
Presented by Neil Wright, Stewart Squires and Stephen Betteridge
Building Recording Techniques over the last 50 Years
A look at how the techniques of building recording have changed and developed over the last 50 years with a reference to how different techniques have been employed in the recording of buildings in
Presented by Ken Hollamby, Naomi Field and Mark Gardiner
Highlights of Lincolnshire Archaeology
An exploration of archaeological developments and discoveries in Lincolnshire over the last 50 years with highlights from the Fens, the City of Lincoln and wider Lincolnshire set against a backdrop of the active involvement of the Society including disseminating knowledge.
Presented by Richard Watts, Mick Jones and Tom Lane
A Pictorial Tour of Bygone Lincoln
Victorian and Edwardian photographers recorded everything from Royal Visits to every day events in the City. Using photographs from the 'John Wilson Collection', see how much the City has changed in 100 years.

Presented by Chris Hewis

Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00.
Friday 26 April, 2024
Lincoln Museum, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP


May 2024
Discovering Roman Lincoln ***SOLD OUT***
*** SOLD OUT ***
Presented by Dr Adam Daubney, Finds Specialist
An event arranged by SLHA and Lincoln Museum supporting Lincoln Festival of History 

This talk uncovers the treasures of Roman Lincoln and explores the people who once lived here. It is a tale of legionaries, priests, families, and farmers. In this talk we also ask the intriguing question ‘What is left to be discovered?

Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00

Pre-booking is advisable.

Saturday 04 May, 2024
Lincoln Museum, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP
Chemical Production at Flixborough
Presented by Charles Parker

Work started on a chemical plant at Flixborough before the Second World War utilising by-products from Normanby Park Steelworks, but it wasn’t completed until mid-war.  Nitrogen Fertilisers Ltd operated until the 1960s when the plant was expanded to also produce Caprolactam, the feedstock for Nylon 6.  The plant was progressively expanded to produce 65,000 tonnes per annum, but it was completely destroyed by a large explosion in 1974. Following a public enquiry the plant was rebuilt but the artificial fibres market changed, and it closed in the 1980s.  This talk looks at the development of the plant and the market changes that affected it.

Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00
Wednesday 15 May, 2024
St Hugh's Hall, Monks Road, Lincoln LN2 5AQ
The Lincolnshire Coast Through Music, Stories and Song
Presented by Tom Lane, Nigel Creasey and Terri Clarke

A light-hearted afternoon exploring the Lincolnshire coast through intriguing facts, stories, music and song. Find about the facts and folklore of the ancient activities of fishing and salt-making and listen to stories, songs and music of the fens, floods, and industries of the coast and near-shore. Discover stories behind the development of the coastline and listen to long-lost legends of smuggling and piracy along the coastline of the historic county of Lincolnshire.

Admission £7.50. SLHA Members £6.50
Sunday 19 May, 2024
2.30-pm to 4.30pm
Lincoln Museum, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP
Craft: Flowers and Folklore
Led by Kathy Holland

Explore the role of flowers in folklore, dating back to Roman times and use a variety of materials and techniques to produce a greeting card with a floral message. Find out about the history of the 'tussie-mussie' and create one from paper flowers and more!
Please note: the room where this event is held is on the first floor accessible only by stairs.

Admission £8.50 SLHA members £7.50. Admission includes materials, and tea and coffee.
Wednesday 22 May, 2024
10.00am - 1.00pm
Jews' Court, Steep Hill, Lincoln LN2 1LS
Guided Walk around Folkingham
Meet in Church Lane leading to St Andrew’s Church
Led by Martin Smith

Please note that lunch can be purchased at the New Inn, Folkingham but please let us know in advance if you wish to stay for lunch as the venue would like to know how many to expect.

Please email with the subject line Folkingham

Admission by donation. Pre-booking essential.
Saturday 25 May, 2024
Park in Market Place, Folkingham NG34 OSE
Craft: Medieval Medley

Using elements of a variety of medieval designs as inspiration, use a selection of materials and techniques to decorate a mini 'treasure box'. Experiment with a variety of colouring materials to create a greeting card based on a medieval illuminated letter and try your hand at creating a design for a piece of medieval inspired jewellery!

Please note: the room where this event is held is on the first floor accessible only by stairs.

Admission £8.50 SLHA members £7.50. Admission includes materials, and tea and coffee.

Wednesday 29 May, 2024
10.00am - 1.00pm
Jews' Court, Steep Hill, Lincoln LN2 1LS


June 2024
SLHA Churches Conference
A full day Conference which will include:
The Wonderful World of Mediaeval Roof Angels, by Geoff Wheatley
The Medieval Stained Glass of Tattershall, by Dr Penny Hebgin-Barnes
The Churches Conservation Trust and their Lincolnshire Churches by Peter Clegg 
The Victorian Churches & Chapels of Grantham by Dr John Manterfield 
A Guided Visit to the Collegiate Church of the Holy Trinity.
Admission £32.00 and £25.00 for SLHA members.
Saturday 01 June, 2024
9.30am - 4.30pm
Tattershall Village Hall, Lodge Lane, Tattershall LN4 4LL
Download booking form: 2024-Churches-Conference-Flyer.pdf
Tuxfords: Victorian Engineers of Boston
Tuxford and Sons were an amazing engineering firm.  It was a small family business, but it sold its engines and other products worldwide, and invented the steam thrashing sets that were used on British farms for a hundred years until combine harvesters took over about 1950. William Wedd Tuxford was a miller and with his sons developed the engineering side about 1837, which lasted until the last son died in 1885. Their markets included Australia, Cuba and Russia, and engines made by the firm are still displayed in museums in France, Sweden and the UK.   A new book just published by the Heckington Windmill Trust details the history of this important firm.  

Presented by Neil Wright

Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00.
Monday 03 June, 2024
Lincoln Museum, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP
Historic Building Mythbusting
Presented by Dr James Wright, FSA

James Wright, award winning buildings archaeologist, explains the development of myths about ancient buildings and investigates the underlying truths behind them.

Admission £5.00. SLHA members £4.00

Places are limited pre-booking advised.

Book through or direct through Eventbrite.
Sunday 09 June, 2024
Lincoln Museum, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP

Go to any ancient building and there will be interesting, exciting, and romantic stories presented to the visitor. They are commonly believed and widely repeated – but are they really true?
These stories include those of secret passages linking ancient buildings, spiral staircases in castles giving advantage to right-handed defenders, ship timbers used in the construction of buildings on land, blocked doors in churches which are thought to keep the Devil out and claims to be the oldest pub in the city.
Sometimes the realities hiding behind the stories are even more interesting, romantic, and exciting than the myth itself…  

The speaker, James Wright (Triskele Heritage) has two decades professional experience of ferreting around in people’s cellars, hunting through their attics and digging up their gardens.

He hopes to find meaningful truths about how ordinary and extraordinary folk lived their lives in the mediaeval period.

James Wright is the author of the popular Medieval Mythbusting Blog and his book Historic Building Mythbusting will be released via The History Press on 6 June 2024

Pagans, Pennies and Power
Presented by Dr Johanne Porter

The Vikings in the East Midlands in the 9th and 10th centuries.

Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00.
Wednesday 12 June, 2024
St Hugh's Hall, Monks Road, Lincoln LN2 5AQ
Lincolnshire Tokens
The speaker will give an introduction on the Tower of London Moneyers and bring along his own collection of tokens for viewing. If attendees have any 17th century tokens of their own that they would like to bring along, they are very welcome.

Presented by Michael O’Bee

Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00.
Thursday 13 June, 2024
Lincoln Museum, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP
Unstitching the Postal Uniform
Presented by Joanna Espin, Curator at the Postal Museum
Join Joanna Espin, Curator at The Postal Museum, and delve into the history of the postal service by unstitching the development of postal uniforms. Meet pioneering posties, including Jean Cameron, who won the right for women to wear trousers on delivery. We’ll explore why the first postal uniform was developed, how it has changed up to the modern day and what it means to be dressed for delivery.

Admission £4.00. SLHA Members £3.00.
Wednesday 19 June, 2024
Lincoln Museum, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP
Joanna Espin has been Curator at The Postal Museum for over a decade. In that time, she has researched many fascinating postal stories, spoken and published nationally and internationally, and curated an exhibition about The Great Train Robbery. Joanna’s previous research has examined women’s employment in World War One and coded Victorian letter writing. Her current research focuses on 19th  century postal services to the Caribbean.


September 2024
SLHA Members Tennyson Collection Visit
Led by Dr Jim Cheshire

Introduction to the Tennyson Research Centre (TRC) and its collections by Dr Jim Cheshire, Associate Professor of Cultural History at the University of Lincoln. Find out more about the wealth of material available for research, including manuscripts, proofs, illustrations, photographs, library books and personal family possessions.

Admission £9.00 to include tea and coffee                                   
Monday 02 September, 2024
Lincolnshire Archives 2, St Rumbold's St Lincoln LN2 5AB