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Annual Meeting of SLHA
Large turn-out in Kirton in Lindsey

SLHA held its 2013 Annual General Meeting in Kirton in Lindsey's recently refurbished Town Hall on Saturday 15 June. Over 50 members attended.

Dr Michael Jones, SLHA Pesident, took the chair; Society Chairman Stewart Squires presented an illustrated report on the year's activities and Chris Hewis, Honorary Treasurer, presented the accounts. The society has had an active and successful year but the financial position remains difficult.

A book was presented to John Wilford, former SLHA Chairman, to mark his retirement as Chairman of the Archaeology Committee.

Appointments for 2013-14 are:

  • President: Michael Jones
  • Chairman: Chris Lester
  • Vice-Chairman: vacant
  • Treasurer: Chris Hewis
  • Executive Committee: Ken Hollamby, David Robinson, David Stocker, Neil Wright
  • Local History Committee, Chairman: Brenda Webster
  • Archaeology Committee, Chairman: Craig Spence
  • Industrial Archaeology Committee, Chairman: Stewart Squires
  • Publications Committee, Chairman: Ken Redmore

John Wilford

June 2013