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Brian Dawson
Loss of a great Lincolnshire talent

All those in with an interest in Lincolnshire folk traditions - especially its song - are saddened by the sudden death of Brian Dawson.

Brian, a retired teacher, with roots in east Lincolnshire, had a deep knowledge of Lincolnshire's folk songs.  He sang and played from a considerable repertoire, giving great pleasure to a wide range of audiences over many years, whether or not they fully understood Lincolnshire dialect!

November 2013

Joan Thirsk
Death of historian with close knowledge of Lincolnshire

Dr Joan Thirsk CBE, a leading agricultural and economic historian, died on 3 October 2013 aged 91.  Whilst a research fellow at the University of Leicester in the 1950s she wrote the highly regarded book on the agrarian history of Lincolnshire, English Peasant Farming.  She was General Editor for the History of Lincolnshire series (published by SLHA) and oversaw the publication of the first three volumes.

October 2013

Kathleen Johnson
Passing of Local Historian

We are sad to record the passing of Kathleen Johnson, former local government officer with Lincolnshire County Council in the County Secretary's department. Kathleen was a member of the Lincolnshire Local History Society and followed SLHA from its inception. She was, in addition, a member of the Local History Committee for most of that time.

With her vast knowledge of Lincolnshire and her wonderful memory she was a most valuable member and ever ready to make her contribution. Kathleen was the one that checked the dates, the facts and speedily corrected all errors. Over the years she has helped with numerous people and organisations with bits of research but always refused to go into print herself; nevertheless, she shared her findings with everyone.

Kathleen Johnson's funeral will be at Lincoln Crematorium on Friday 23 August at 1.50 pm.


August 2013Kathleen Johnson

Hilary Healey
Sudden death of much valued member

We were both shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden death of Miss Hilary Healey at her home in Bicker on 13 May.

An Appreciation
From an early age Hilary was an expert on cold and draughty rectories in Lincolnshire. Her father, a Church of England clergyman, moved about the County and finally took the living at Algarkirk when he was Bishop of Grimsby. Hilary qualified as a teacher of art and taught at Spalding Girls' High School. She left there in the late 1960s to become a professional archaeologist working for South Lincolnshire Archaeology Unit with Brian Simmons.

Hilary Healey 1935-2013
Photo courtesy of Spalding Guardian and Lincolnshire Free Press

Winter Fenland scene - Hilary Healey

By that time she was also involved with several history and archaeology groups about the County and beyond.  She became an authority on medieval pottery after working with Ethel Rudkin at the Toynton All Saints and Old Bolingbroke excavations.  Her wide interests included fenland dialect and place names, salt making and gravestones.  She contributed many articles on aspects of archaeology and local history to a variety of publications.

She was an active member of the Lincolnshire Local History Society and then SLHA. She has edited Past and Present since the loss of Chris Sturman and was responsible for the Society's Bulletin for many years. She was Vice-Chairman of the SLHA in the late 1980s.

Hilary will be remembered with affection and respect for her many contributions to Lincolnshire's history and archaeology.  We shall also continue to treasure her sketches and drawings which captured the flavour of the landscape and buildings of the fens.

May 2013hilary healey