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Book Launch
Lincoln's Victorian history - sewers and politics

Patrick, Lord Cormack was the special guest at Bishop Grosseteste University on 3 October when a book written by Dennis Mills and published by SLHA was launched.

The book, 'Effluence and Influence: Public Health, Sewers and Politics in Lincoln: 1848-50', is based on a remarkable proposal by George Giles, an eminent civil engineer, for underground sewerage in the city.

Giles's written report gives a fascinating, detailed insight into the crude drainage and poor living conditions in much of Lincoln in the 1840s. His solution - the sewerage scheme - was supported by the local politicians but rejected on the grounds of cost by the city's freemen.

Dennis's book, launched and warmly endorsed by Lord Cormack, gives a full account of this episode and sets it in the contexts of public health reform and local politics. The book is richly illustrated and includes copies of the exceptional hand-drawn plans of Giles's scheme.

SLHA acknowledges the generous contribution of the Lincoln Record Society (towards the publication costs) and Bishop Grosseteste University (hosting the launch).

The book may be purchased by post or in the SLHA bookshop, Jews' Court, Lincoln.

Neil Wright (SLHA Chairman), Edward Giles (great-grandson of George Giles), Dennis Mills and Lord Cormack

October 2015