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Lincolnshire Houses
David Roberts' long awaited book

A superb book about the development of houses in Lincolnshire - both large and small - was launched at Jews' Court on Sunday 6 May.

David L Roberts, an architectural historian, worked on the book for some thirty years before his early death in 1997, leaving it still unfinished but complete in draft. It is a unique analytical survey of the county's domestic architecture.

It was rigorously edited by Shawn Tyas, who also added a large number of contemporary colour photographs. Shaun also designed and published the book.

The event in Lincoln was chaired by Stewart Squires, retired conservation planner and Chairman of SLHA Trustees. Shaun Tyas gave an illustrated introduction to the book and a taster of its stimulating content.

Photo: Stewart Squires (left) and Shaun Tyas (right)

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