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Museum Store
A fascinating visit 'behind the scenes' at Lincoln Museum

On 22 January, a group of almost thirty members of the Society visited the Lincolnshire Museum Store on St Rumbold's Street. We were guided by Dawn Heywood, Senior Collections Development Officer, and her colleague Lisa Mitchell.

The first-floor store houses the main finds archive, consisting of material - mainly from excavations in the city and county - that required no special environmental controls - pottery, tile, animal bone, etc. There is a vast amount of material, the sites in the city being particularly prolific.

The system whereby excavation teams communicate with the Museum and transfer material, including the paper archive, to the long-term care of the Museum, was explained.

The other area visited was the sensitive store, where material requiring conservation and environmental controls, including organics such as wood and leather, was stored in airtight containers.

Dawn showed the impressive range of armour, and one or two objects of Greek, Egyptian, and even African origin that had come into the Museum's collection. We also saw a range of artefacts of particular interest, from early prehistoric axes through to post-medieval ceramics.

It was a very enjoyable event for all, and one likely to be repeated, as it had been fully booked. Lincolnshire Museums and the SLHA have organised a similar event for Society members to visit the Usher Gallery and its store on 29 February.


January 2024

Victorian Valentines
A brief history and a workshop session

A very well attended heritage inspired craft workshop led by Kathy Holland took place at Jews’ Court Lincoln on 31 January.

The session began with a discussion about the history and origins of St Valentine’s Day leading into how this special day was celebrated by the Victorians.

The group looked at a varied selection of Valentine cards and images, both affectionate in nature and also some of the so-called ‘vinegar’ variety.

After discussing various crafting and embellishment techniques from the Victorian period, the group proceeded to create a greeting card, decoupaged ‘heart’, and decorate a gift box inspired by nineteenth century design ideas.

Illustration: colourful valentines made in the workshop


January 2024